Call To The Bar: 'Everything nice' at Tracy’s Hot Spot

September 27, 2018
Nadra-Lee plays one of the gaming boxes.
Tracy Ann Graham of Tracy's Hot Spot Bar.
Tracy's Hot Spot Bar in Priory, St Ann.

"It's 'vibesy', lively ... . Everything that you can think about that is nice is at Tracy's Hot Spot," boasts Tracy Ann Graham while she speaks about her bar, located along the main street in Priory, St Ann.

It's a place where passers-by often stop to refresh themselves and persons go to chill.

One such person, who gave her name as Nadra-Lee, says Tracy's Hot Spot is her favourite chill-out spot in the area.

"The service here is excellent. I'm here every night; it's my favourite chill spot," she explained.

Part of the reason is Tracy's "nice, jovial, kind, loving" personality, even though "she can be miserable at times", she added with a laugh.

"The service here exceeds expectations," Tracy affirmed. "If you come here, you come to get good service at Tracy's Hot Spot, excellent service from the bartender or the owner, because the owner is always there."

Graham's pleasant personality and excellent service, which have complemented the bar for the four years it has been open, pull people to the spot so they can enjoy their favourite drink, which could range from rum and Campari to rum and Pepsi or rum and Ting for the men.

"The ladies drink the rum cream and Campari, they drink the Stone's Ginger Wine, they drink the Sangster's, they drink the Bailey's, they drink the Magnum 'cause I drink Magnum. I am a Magnum girl!" Tracy said with a laugh.

And not only does she enjoy Magnum, but like so many other women and men, she is appreciative of the visibility that Wray & Nephew is giving her business.

"I really, really do appreciate it a lot. I've got a whole lot from Wray & Nephew. I got painted up. You go, Tracy. You deserve it!" she said, pumping up herself.

"I really appreciate it! This is the place to be, Tracy's Hot Spot in Priory!"

And while sipping their favourite drink, customers may enjoy a wide selection of music, watch cable television, or even play on one of the several poker machines available.

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