My Confession: Babymother doused me with urine

September 28, 2018

STAR, back in a my days I was a piece a gallis. Me a 69 now, but all 20 years ago, a bag a woman used to swarm me because me tell dem bare lie. Woman nuh like hear truth, so the lies always work for them.

Me get 36 kids but me only coulda own about 19, because the rest was for people woman. Mi did run go get married, and mi wife lef mi because when she a have baby she and the woman on the next bed a have a talk, when dem realise seh a me a di father of dem kids. Mi wife gwaan bad and move out. The next woman never know say me married.

Anyway, me say me a drive go look fi the woman and look for the new baby. Me notice say she meet me a di gate and tell me to hold on. Me see she a come back with a bucket, but me nah pay it no mind. Next ting me know the woman duck me with the bucket a pee-pee. The way me frighten me just press gas and go home go bathe.

As the young people dem woulda say, she style me.

Me never make da incident deh hold me back, because a whole heap a other woman me 'lash' after that.

STAR, a just one ting mek me ease dung ya now, and a because the 'likkle bwoy' nah stand at attention like how me would want it. Mi still a do me ting still, although me know nuff a the young gal dem just after mi money. Me just a gwaan kneel before it cause me can't stand up again.

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