My Confession: Lover told his girlfriend that I was his helper

October 05, 2018

STAR, let me tell yuh sup'm. It nuh good fi show off enuh.

One time me did have a nice man who would move the world for me, but him never have much. Me meet a next yute who come tell me say him wah married and how him just leave him woman. Mi nah lie, me did frighten fi him van because my man never drive.

More time me have mi man a babysit the kids while the next man and me outside inna him big van. Soon after me start sleep a the new man place, and the old one beg me like baby to leave him, but me wouldn't listen. Me like idiot run him outta me yard and have up the next man fully.

Me start realise say me couldn't pop up a him house, and it was like a week-on, week-off ting when me fi go stay with him. About a year into the relationship, him meet inna accident and admit at the hospital. Me notice say the girl who him say was his ex was there, but me nuh say nutten cause me a say she show up because of the accident.

Of course me show ownership, so me bathe and feed him and make sure say me present for visitation hours every day. All this time she a give me some bad eye she and her fren dem. Me never care, me just pop style fi di better.

One day me text and ask her why she nuh stop check him at the hospital every day, and she ask me why she wouldn't want to visit her fiance.

STAR, me get mad and start style up the girl wicked, until me hear she tell me to calm down because I am just his helper. Me ask what she mean, and she tell me say di bwoy say his family pay me to come and bathe and feed him in the evenings so she nuh have the bag a work to do.

When me confront him, the bwoy say a true. Me shame like dog. All this time him did have him nice woman and a tek me fi fool.

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