My Confession: My man got his neighbour pregnant

October 19, 2018

STAR, man a really a pain in the behind most a the times, enuh.

About 14 years ago, me meet a man, but him did have him woman. Him eventually leave her, and me and him settle down, but we both lived in different parishes.

Despite the long relationship, we tried to spend as much time with each other as possible. Me think things a go good and we a make plans say is full time wi start a family and ting.

One day, me deh beside him and him get a WhatsApp call and see a baby girl picture come up, but him quickly reject the call.

Me ask him why him no answer, and him say it was his annoying co-worker calling, and I left it at that.

One day, me pay him a surprise visit and saw a baby sleeping on his bed, and before I even asked, he told me he was babysitting his neighbour's kid.

I was curious as to why a mother would leave her baby girl with a male, but again, I brushed it off. Shortly after, his neighbour came for the baby, and she even greeted me in the friendliest of way.

For the entire week that mi spend a mi man yard, she would carry the baby come over and the three a wi would sit and talk and play with the likkle one.

STAR, one day me see her name come up as a friend suggestion on Facebook, and me decide to look through her profile, and mi almost dead.

A mi man dat at the baby christening and at her mother funeral. He was all over her page, and a deh so me realise say him is her babyfadda.

The way me shame and hurt, me just migrate go live a New York.

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