My Confession: My father gave me a beating at school

November 02, 2018

STAR, when I was growing up my father was the strictest. My sister and I could not go anywhere and we were crushed and feel left out.

We lived in a two-storey house and the grille made a lot of noise when it was opening, and our daddy ensured that he never changed or fixed it.

We were never allowed to have boyfriends, but that didn't prevent us. Anyway, we got tired of staying in and think up a plan to trick him so we could go out at night.

For about a month straight, we would pad our beds at night and let it seem like we were lying in them; and I am sure he used to come and check our rooms in the evenings.

We always removed the window pane and jumped through and go all bout.

Nuff night as we see a car light coming, we would hide in the bushes until it pass because we didn't know if it was any of daddy's friends.

One night, we were out at our school fete having the time of our lives, and when I turned around I was staring face to face with daddy. I wet myself on the spot.

He gave me a piece of beating, and me a tell you say it never pretty. My sister ran like thief left me and bolted home so she would get her beating there.

It turned out our father had caught up on our game one night when he came to wake us for something. Let me just say, I was the talk of the school for a long time.

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