My Confession: My brother did a 'number two' in mommy's pot

November 09, 2018

STAR, a whole heap a people a go say we nasty, but them would neva understand.

Mi madda have seven of us, and we did poor bad. Nuff time we go an entire day and nuh eat, but one thing for certain is that she always make sure we get the red rice for Sunday dinner.

Mommy, however, have a bad habit of cooking early and then walk the entire community, while hungry a box we dung. One day she catch mi and mi likkle sister a eat out the meat, and she give we the food with just the gravy alone.

One next Sunday she catch we, and not only did she beat we, but she swear blind say she nah give we no dinner that day. We never know say she serious until about 4 p.m. when she share out fi her own and all give her friend some, too, while hungry a kill we. We vex and bawl, but she never budge.

Me and mi siblings then think of a plan say if we can't get none, she nah go get the rest, either. So when she gone back a road, we put we plan to work. We eat until wi belly buss, although we know say she a go kill we wid lick. Then mi bredda say him a go do a number two inna di pot. We think him did a joke, but him bend dung and let go everything straight inna di meat pot and cover it up.

Strangely enough, we never get no beating. Mi feel like she did too shame to talk what we did. But let me tell you this, we get we dinner on time after that.

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