STAR Chat: How do you feel about persons who commit heinous crimes, such as rape and murder, being granted parole?

November 09, 2018
Reneto Adams

Retired crime fighter Reneto Adams believes that criminals who commt premeditated crimes should not be eligible for parole until they have spent at least 50 years in prison.



Instagram Responses:


@yaadlifeofficial: Everyone deserves to be granted parole after 25 years after being locked in a cage most of the day. If they don't deserve parole, then bring back the death penalty, it's dat simple.

@reynoldsannie: Those kind of men cannot survive in society anymore. They do not have the same mentality as a normal person. They will eventually commit crime again. Not to mention they most likely go back to the community to live where they commit the crime. What about the families that suffer, no, they should stay where they are, in prison.

@__krissyroyal: They don't deserve to go to prison to live on taxpayers' money. Granted parole is just a waste of time, they'll do just the same thing again. [They] deserve burial punishments.

@inkboss_: Ok my opinion is that they should free World Boss and leave the rest to rot in prison.


Twitter Responses:


@andrewalone: I say hang them high.


Facebook Responses:


Kamala Wright: In a civilized society with humanitarian laws people must be allowed to apply for parole. But they should not be granted.

Shannakay Blake: Everyone deserves a, second chance.

Novlyn Peters: In a place like Jamaica with so much ongoing crimes, please keep them behind the wall, putting them out in society spells more crimmmmmeeeeeeeee.

Danny McLean: Put them in front of the firing squad !!!!

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