Call To The Bar: Cheapside loves Fay's Excellent Pub

November 22, 2018
Fadian 'Fay' Howell, owner of Fay's Excellent Pub in Cheapside, St Elizabeth.
Owner of Fay's Excellent Pub, Fadian Howell (centre), hangs out with friends Alexis Wright (left) and Shanique Roach.
Owen 'Pem' Samuels takes a sip as he talks about why he loves coming to Howell's spot.

Fadian 'Fay' Howell has called St Elizabeth, Southfield to be exact, home for about 10 years.

During that time, her establishment, Fay's Excellent Pub, has become one of the go-to places in neighbouring Cheapside.

This is her third bar. The first two were in her native Clarendon, one in Swansea and one in Osborne Store.

"But dem did continue a break into them and rob me. I operated there for three years and then I moved to St Elizabeth to try again," she said.

It has been the best business move she ever made.

"I think it (running a bar) is one of the easiest businesses. I believe in it. I like being a business person, I like being independent," she said.

Howell has an entrepreneur's touch for making things work. Her father used to retail clothes along the southern parts of the island, and she would travel with him on his journeys.

Her dad would actually play a part in her opening Fay's Bar. She said that after another break-in when she was in Clarendon, she called her father.

"I was crying, and told him I don't know what to do next. So I asked him if he knew any bars down here to rent," she said.

It turns out he did, and introduced her to the landlord.

"When me check di man, him say wul heap a people a check him; but him like me for some reason, and that's how I got the business," she said.

One of her regular customers, Owen 'Pem' Samuels, walks in soon after to down a special before continuing on his journey.

He said at least three other bars had used the spot before Howell.

"But a she mek it feel like a real bar. Yuh ever come a one a har session?" he asked.

He may be referring to her signature event, Secret Fantasy, held every Good Friday, and the word is, it brings out the crowds.

Howell gets customers from St Elizabeth communities like Red Bank and Junction, and as far away as Montego Bay and St Ann.

But she has a special place for the locals. Being a newcomer to a community can be challenging, but Howell said the people have helped her greatly.

"It's been fun. I really enjoy being down here. I like the community. The people welcomed me, and I think they support me and accept me as one of them," she said.

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