My Confession: Sugar daddy does nasty things to me

November 23, 2018

STAR, it might sound cliche, but never grudge a person for what you see them with because you don't know the story behind it.

I live in an upscale apartment, I drive a nice car, and I don't work. Life wasn't always like this, though, because two years ago, mi did broke and use to wait pon people pot fi dun cook.

Anyway, mi meet a likkle old man, and mi never like di $3,000 him used to give me. It take a while before him invite mi a him yard, and during the first sexual encounter, mi realise say him na climax.

Long after, him tell mi say him have a fetish, and mi a wonder if a tie him a go tie mi up, so mi tell him, "okay.

STAR, is a big 'number two' him do pon mi belly. Mi stomach sick, but him give mi $10,000, and mi go bathe and go home.

Mi did too shame to tell anyone, and is like no matter how mi bathe, mi still feel dirty. Afterwards, mi did have enough money could go supermarket, though.

Mi vow say mi wouldn't do it again, but when the grocery done, a right back a him yard mi gone and the nasty man never give me a dime that round.

Mi vex till mi almost buss, so a week later, when him tell mi him a go come pick mi up, mi find an excuse, but him find mi yard same way.

Him tell mi say him have a surprise fi mi and mi tell him keep it cuz mi can't manage nothing new.

But when him show mi a wa, mi almost pass out. It was the key to a brand-new apartment.

Shortly after, him buy mi a car but STAR, people no fi badda watch that cuz mi have to stomach some tings ya now.

Every time mi frown, him threaten to take way what him give mi, so mi just have to work with his demands.

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