STAR CHAT: Social media reaction to Dalton Harris saying: 'I am not sleeping with a man'

November 23, 2018
Dalton Harris

Singer Dalton Harris has sent tongues wagging, and it is not just because of his performances on X Factor 2018. The Jamaican artiste, who leads in downloads on iTunes, found himself on the receiving end of caustic criticisms after a photograph which shows him being tightly hugged by fellow X Factor contestant, Brendan Murray, was released.

Dalton said he is disheartened by reactions to a photograph. He also said: "I am a single man, not sleeping with a man".

Here are some of the comments to THE STAR's story on the matter, which was posted yesterday.




@azaleadunn: Good. Glad he specifically said Jamaica was making itself look horrible. Jamaicans getting mad at a photo or getting upset over whatever his sexuality is are backward and embarrassing.

@moydale: So what if he is gay? That is his business. We really need to understand that God don't have little sin and big sin, it's just sin.

@jovialken19: Some Jamaicans are too homophobic and darn disgusting. Jamaicans need to understand that people attitude and cultures vary.

@petergazelle758: Big up yourself Dalton Harris no one can stop your blessing





@trish_secret011: He was sitting on the guy's leg. Husband and I had a nice heated discussion over it. Him saying it's gay and me saying it doesn't mean anything untoward. But Dalton should know how Jamaicans stay with the anti-gay business already. But if you are not letting what people think affect you then gwaan do yuh thing. I hope he doesn't lose any votes.

@snb_empire: All am saying remember your roots @realdaltonharris you may not know this but Jamaicans are your biggest supporters, we are homophobic yes that's true and if you don't want to be seen in that like, don't sit on a man's lap and giggle like a little bitch

@nicorich95: He is a grown ass man, if he choose to sit in a next man lap.....a feem business dat. Who are we to dictate and ridicule someone else's actions? Unless it's yr child of course ... otherwise mind yr business.

@mich_ys123: Well said Dalton. We need to get over ourselves now. KMT. Bad mind is active. You are living ur best life. Good luck and take it home Dalton. When u win u gonna hear supm different. Everybody gonna want to be ur friend. Stay positive keep ur head above water and don't let the negativity get u down. So much stuff going on in this country that needs to be addressed. We so focus on the wrong things.

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