My Confession: My plan to take my friend's man backfired

November 30, 2018

STAR, a ting happen to mi some years ago, it take me a while to speak openly about it the way mi did shame.

Mi learn mi lesson and mi lost a good friend, but a so it go.

She had a boyfriend who she always a boast bout. Mi nah lie, him take care of her and she really never short of anything.

She always a complain though say him have woman and mi did feel bad mind, so mi always encourage her to leave him. Couple days after them have a big argument, mi put mi plan to work.

Mi text him on Facebook and a tell him say mi feel him pain and that mi fren don't know what she have. Him tell mi thanks to reach out to him and naturally, mi keep up the convo.

A few days later, him invite mi to lunch and mi go, and all carry back some for mi friend. Mi tell her say mi meet a youth who invite mi to lunch.

For the next two weeks or so, mi and him live like bench and bumpa. We deh everywhere together and when him invite mi to a hotel, mi quickly say yes.

Mi go, and me and him do we thing and it was good. Mi fren text and ask mi where I was and I told her I was on a date with my new man, and she say OK and laugh.

Mi and her man do round two and mi nah lie, mi do all a the tings dem to him.

When we finish, him tell mi him a go outside go take a phone call. When mi hear the door open later mi never look, cuz mi think a him.

Mi almost fly in the air when the first lick reach me. When mi look, a mi fren dat a fling some lick pon mi. Mi anuh fighter, so mi just have to run downstairs as fast as mi can, stark naked.

It turns out, mi fren and her man plan fi mi after mi text him and start give him argument. Ah bwoy.

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