Call To The Bar: Double the fun at Las Vegas Sports Bar

December 06, 2018
Twins Diana (left) and Donna Robinson take a picture with their bubbly barmaid, Subrena Schooler.
The owners of the Las Vegas Spors Bar, Donna (left) and Diana Robinson.
Barmaid Subrena Schooler mixes up a glass of Rumpari for a customer.

When you first spot Donna and Diana Robinson, it's pretty clear they share DNA.

The twins are the owners of Las Vegas Sports Bar, located along Passage Fort Drive in Portmore.

The spot is a famous one, as their parents opened the bar years ago in the Sunshine City.

And it's also where the twins have called home all their lives.

It was a humble structure back then, as customers say they've moved from 'board to concrete'. But the Robinson women have added their touch to it over the years.

"This place deh yah from we a toddler. We born here, raise here, live here," said Donna.

"We have never left from here. Just on vacation and back," Diana chimes in.

The sisters took over full ownership sometime around 2003, and have taken the drink spot to another level.

"While our parents had it, we would help around as children. So we got into it and see say business can gwaan," said Donna. "So we used to it, and we can manage on our own. So we just keep the ball rolling."

They share the day-to-day duties, including serving behind the counter sometimes.




"We used to them (customers), grow with them and they want us to sell them," said Donna.

Diana laughs: "They wouldn't mind if we deh yah all the time."

"Yuh have many bars just on this stretch of road. But we have the number one bar," said Donna confidently. "We have good customer service, we treat di customers dem quite fine. People love di twin dem."

The famous US city from which the bar gets its name is known as a place for high rollers.

But this Las Vegas is very much for the 'regular' folks, something that the sisters cater to.

Other than Wray & Nephew branding, the walls are plastered with posters of events happening all over the municipality.

"We host round robins, birthdays, anything. If one of our customers is having their birthday, Las Vegas it is," said Donna. "We always have something happening, and you know that's how people get to know the place too."

They joke that if there's no rum, it makes no sense to open for the day. But that never happens.

Weekends are lively, as they host a small cookout and entertain with their own little sound system.

There are plans to take the business higher, literally, by building on the bar and adding a sort of 'mini mall'.

So, either way, Las Vegas will still be the place to be.

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