My Confession: My two girlfriends played me

December 07, 2018

Back in the day, mi did in love with a little catty and she break mi heart when she cheat wid one a my close friends.

So STAR, mi tell myself say I was just going to have as bag a woman and nuh love any a them. But about two years inna mi player lifestyle, mi meet a nice likkle girl name Sandy. Before mi know it, mi start fall for her. Mi tell her say mi have one woman, but in reality mi did have a bag a gyal. Other than the woman that she know bout, mi did have one weh mi check fah name Nicky.

Within a few months, Sandy was able to get rid of my original woman, and mi run weh two girls, but she couldn't get rid of Nicky. A nuff time dem fight and throw word on social media, and mi feel like a boss. Mi never waah let go any a di two a dem, so mi start tell bare lie. Mi tell Sandy, who mi did live with say, mi nuh want the next one, and mi tell the other one say mi nuh live with no woman.

Every time both a dem a catch up on me, me outsmart them. One night after mi tell Nicky say mi deh jail and can't visit her yard, the one a yard hear. STAR, mi don't know how them get to fren each other that night. The next morning, Sandy ask mi again if mi and the next gyal nuh deh, and naturally me say no, and tell her say she is just one big stalker and mi could never love her.

Next ting mi know, a Nicky dat walk inna the room and back out her scissors a mi throat and say: "Dutty bwoy, mi and yuh nuh deh?" Mi frighten till mi couldn't ansa. Mi lock mi eye and open dem back fi see if mi a dream, because mi couldn't believe Nicky stand up inna mi bedroom.

STAR, the two woman dem do mi bad, and Sandy all start throw out mi tings. Mi did shame bad because all the neighbours hear. Long story short, both a dem leave mi. Mi try be a player and get played in the end.

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