My Confession: Pastor read out all of my my friend's dirty deeds

December 14, 2018

STAR, imagine you go church with yuh friend and end up shame in the end.

Mi have one friend who always a act like saint. She always a talk some tings and is the first one to judge when anything go wrong and she ever act like she was holier than thou.

Anyway, three years ago, we say we a go try out the church ting and go visit a Poco church in Westmoreland.

Anyway, mi never too familiar with the gospel choruses, but she a sing everyone a them and a look on mi boastfully.

When she couldn't take it anymore, she ask mi why mi just a clap alone, and when mi tell her mi don't know the song dem, she quickly tell mi say her granny used to ensure church nuh miss her on a Sunday.

Pastor start preach now, and then mi see him start look over our side a the church. Mi a wonder is what, but him look on mi and is like him a stare through mi.

Him come rest him hands on mi and tell mi say mi bless and have a good heart, but him never say anything to mi fren. One a the time she all a act like she get inna spirit.

Anyway, church almost finish and the pastor start call out people to pray for dem and a she last him call out. The man just say, "Woman yuh need to stop visit the science man or you a go dead."

She start bawl same time, and the man just start talk all of her dirty deeds. Mi couldn't help but to buss out one big dirty laugh when it happen.

Mi make sure go to the front when the man start reel out all of her file and say how she fi stop bury the bottles of oil over her babyfather woman yard.

She drop a grung and start bawl, and all a the church people dem start look on her scornfully.

When church over, she never say a word, and mi couldn't wait to go home go tell the entire neighbourhood what happen.

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