My Confession: Loud sex made me popular at university

December 21, 2018

STAR, a ting reach mi when mi a go university, and all now mi get red face when mi talk about it.

Mi grow up with overly strict parents, so throughout college a bare long skirt mi used to wear, and mi hair did natural.

But my thoughts neva so holy though, and mi used to just waah be like the rest a girl dem who a do road and a enjoy themselves.

Anyway, during my second year, mi meet a likkle yute on campus, and mi feel nice. Mi did in love, and mi skirt dem start get shorter. And although mi hair still natural, mi start comb it better.

A few weeks into dating, mi and him decide say we a go have sex, but mi never tell him say mi a virgin. The day come, and because it was exam time the block was empty, so clothes come off and him ready to begin. Mi don't know why mi Never tell the youth say mi a 'Mary', because when him fi enter mi, him make one push, and mi think all a mi tear up. A deh so him realise, but the bwoy never stop enuh, STAR. It look like it sweet him more, and him just a ride mi like an animal.

Mi never did a enjoy it. As a matter of fact, mi never know what to look out fah, so mi did think the pain was normal. Mi did a make likkle noise, but it look like it louder than mi think, because about 15 minutes later mi hear somebody downstairs a bawl out say we fi keep it down because is a big crowd downstairs a listen wi.

Him stop same time, and mi feel shame like dog. Mi decide say mi a go wait a while before mi go out. About 45 minutes later, mi bathe and say mi a go out, and mi foot dem almost give way.

STAR, mi think the people dem gone, but all a dem stand up out there a watch to see a who come out. On top of it, dem start cheer on de bwoy. Naturally, I was the talk of the town for a few days, because them say dem tink mi was a nun.

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