My Confession: I was once a pastor's wife; now I am a cougar

January 04, 2019

STAR, I used to be married and was even a devout Christian, but all of that is way behind me now.

I was a pastor's wife, and yes, I used to wear the big hats to church. I sat in the front row of the church and was referred to as the 'first lady'. Everyone adored my husband and thought that he was the greatest and that he was the best partner ever, but if only they knew.

He was the most jealous person ever. STAR, that man was extremely obsessive. He used to get upset if he even saw me staring too hard at the TV pastors. He would cuss me out and say that it is a sin to lust when all I was doing was watching a gospel programme. He would accuse me of sleeping with the church brothers and even smell my underwear every evening when I got home from work.

It wasn't because he had a fetish, but it was because he thought that I had stopped somewhere to have sex before I got home. Anyway, one evening, he took me to the supermarket and was outside waiting, and I met a younger guy inside.

I really don't know why we exchanged numbers, but we did. I am 13 years younger than my husband and very attractive. Me and the guy started to text, and for some reason, I didn't feel guilty when the conversation lead to sex. Weeks after, I was cheating on my husband while still sitting at the front of the church. I even invited my boy toy to Sunday services.

My husband didn't suspect anything, but as usual, he would watch me. He, however, stop following me to the supermarket, so on a Saturday, I would park my vehicle at a plaza and pretend to go shopping while I met my boyfriend in his car, which would be parked a few metres away. We would go away and enjoy ourselves, then I would return home. Shortly after, I filed for divorce, and I am now living my life as a nice little cougar.

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