My Confession: Cop saved my life years after I broke up his marriage

January 11, 2019
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STAR, one time mi did a play a 'side man' role to a woman whose husband was a police. He was always busy, and sometimes he would spend weeks away from home.

Mi never mind, because I get to 'pipe' her up to three times a week sometimes. Her two kids, dem call mi 'uncle', and mi nah tell no lie, mi did love her. One night I was taking a shower at her home, and accidentally leave mi graduation ring there. When mi reach home and realise say me nuh have it, mi get a bad feeling same time say her husband see it.

The next night mi go by the house to collect it, and when mi knock the door, is her husband that greet mi at the door and give mi the ring. Mi take it and run off same time. Next ting mi know, mi drop a grung.

Mi did think a shot mi get, and it take mi a little while fi realise say a mi foot dem get weak and drop mi.

Me never go back to the house, and shortly after she and her husband divorce.

About 10 years later, mi a work in a next parish, and shot start fire. Mi panic and feel when a force push mi to the ground, and mi only hear when a shot whistle pass mi ears. When mi turn round to thank the person who save mi, STAR, would you believe is the same policeman whose marriage mi mash up? Mi tell him thanks and just walk weh when it safe, because mi did feel so ashamed of what I did to him.

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