Help is on the way - Education Ministry to meet with young men who made motor vehicle

February 05, 2019
Anthony Peart (left) and Romario ‘Mari’ Llewellyn show off their ‘Cooper Bike’ creation.
Vroom! Mari guns the engine as he takes the vehicle for a spin.

Gordon Pen’s young talents Romario ‘Mari’ Llewellyn, Anthony Peart and Demar Hewitt are a few steps closer to achieving their dreams as they will be meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Education today to discuss furthering their education.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Barrington Richardson, regional director at the Ministry of Education, said that the ministry was impressed with the young men after reading about their creation of motor vehicles last month.

“When we meet with them tomorrow (today), we will be discussing their enrolment in the Career Advancement Programme. This is a section in the ministry where we focus on unattached youths and provide further training in their particular areas. So we are in discussions now with our CEO to look at how we can put them in training in order to further advance themselves. So now the aim is to find out what exactly are their specialised areas of interest, so that’s what the meeting will be about,” he said.


The trio are the owners of a motorised four-wheel vehicle that they constructed from scratch.

Llewellyn, 20, holds a certificate in mechanics, which he obtained from the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Spanish Town.

In a previous interview with THE STAR, he said that that their greatest desire was to attend the Jamaican-German Automotive School, but they find it financially challenging.

He said that they are all excited about the opportunity, and they are looking forward to meeting with the Ministry of Education.

“Mi really glad say them read the article [in THE STAR] and offer to help. This is a big move for me, and I know say whatever help dem offer, mi a go make dem proud,” he said.

In addition to discussing their future, the Ministry of Education will also be honouring the young men on February 14, during a career week being hosted by region six of the ministry.

“We want to officially recognise their skills. We also consider them as young entrepreneurs. We are in the process of planning our career week as a region, and we will be honouring them at the function, and they will receive plaques for their innovation,” Richardson said.




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