STAR of the Month: Relationships aren’t my thing – Marlon Samuels

February 11, 2019
Marlon Samuels

International cricketer-turned-deejay Marlon Samuels says relationships are “easy”, but he is not in one.

Instead, the ‘Icon 7’ star is ‘keeping his options open’.

“I’m dating two lawyers right now. I’ve never had a lot of relationships to be honest but relationships are easy man, very easy. Me just can’t deal with them, me stay away from them,” he toldThe STAR.

When asked if he had ever been in love, Samuels laughed.

“Me nuh reach deh so yet, enuh,” he said. “As a teenager, me used to have a girl at St Hugh’s High School. Me nuh know if me did in love dem time deh to be honest, but every morning me can’t wait fi go Cross Roads fi see her. If me reach first, me wait pon her and if she reach first, she wait pon me. But me nuh know if you want call that love.”

Despite the mansion, luxury cars, high fashion and entrepreneurial hat, he described himself as a simple man who likes “a driven lady, well educated, basically a woman called to the bar. She doesn’t have to have what I have but she’s all about family.”

But choosing the right female poses its own challenges in a world that has ‘clout-chasers’. Samuels believes in giving chances.


“Memba a Earth we a live inna and we have life, so we still have to give chance as tough as it might be,” he said. “You can’t be too careful cause people will come into your life for different reasons. You can have a friend fi 14 years but he is not your friend and you meet someone and that person genuinely cares about you more than that person. I’m open to making mistakes, it’s about how fast you bounce back from making the mistakes. Life is a learning experience and you never stop learning.”

Valentine’s Day is Thursday but Samuels will not be partaking in the celebrations.

“When you look up the meaning of Valentine’s Day, it’s not a good day. Dem only use it now fi change the mindset of the people fi seh Valentine’s Day is for love. When you look at the history and what Valentine’s Day means, you wouldn’t even celebrate it. Dem used to kill all sorts of people and sacrifice dem; it’s not a day of love,” he said.

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