Where can she get vitamin C?

February 11, 2019

Michele asks Check Up for some good sources of vitamin C, as she finds she doesn't tolerate oranges or limes very well. They cause her acid stomach to act up.

The citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, grapefruits and lemons are well known as good sources of vitamin C.

One medium-sized orange contains about 70mg of vitamin C. What is not well known is that a wide selection of fruits and vegetables are also wonderful sources of vitamin C, and the levels of vitamin C found in them, in several cases, exceed the vitamin C found in oranges!

* Chili pepper - One chili pepper supplies 65mg of vitamin C.

* Rose hip - six roses (fruits) provide 119mg of vitamin C.

* Guava - A single guava provides 126mg of vitamin C.

* Sweet yellow peppers - Half a cup of sweet yellow peppers provides 137mg of vitamin C.

* Thyme - One ounce of thyme provides 45mg of vitamin C.

* Black currants - A half-cup of black currants will offer 101mg of vitamin C.

* Kale - One cup of raw kale will give 80mg of vitamin C.

* Broccoli - One half-cooked cup of broccoli will give you 51mg of vitamin C.

* Kiwis - A medium pack of kiwis has 71mg of vitamin C.

* Brussel sprouts - A half-cooked cup of Brussel sprouts will offer 49mg of vitamin C

* Lychees - One lychee has 7mg of vitamin C.

* Pawpaw - One cup of pawpaw provides 87mg of vitamin C.

* Strawberries - One cup of strawberries will provide 89 mg on vitamin C.

What this tells us is that there are several sources of vitamin C which will help to build our immunity and resistance to illnesses. These are NOT citrus, but are readily available and will not affect the stomach as readily!

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