STAR of the Month: No burnt eggs for Marlon Samuels

February 18, 2019
Marlon Samuels gathers the items to prepare breakfast.
The cricketer was serious about placing the breakfast items in the shape of a heart.
Breakfast was prepared in about 15 minutes.
Marlon Samuels looks on as STAR writer Stephanie Lyew gets ready to taste the food he prepared.
The sausages were fried to perfection.
Marlon focuses as he beats the egg.
Shorn Hector Marlon Samuels hugs his mother, Daphne.
Daphne, Marlon Samuels’ mom, prepared lunch – a plate of liver and ground provisions.
A section of Marlon Samuels’ home in Chancery Hall, St Andrew.

In Marlon Samuels’ house, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

His mother, Daphne, said that it is actually the only meal that her son can prepare, not because she did not try to teach him, but because he was hardly around to learn.

WhenTHE STAR arrived at the house, the ‘Icon Mom’, as her apron read, had already prepared lunch – a plate of liver and boiled ground provisions.

She laughed when she realised that her son was serious about making breakfast for the Star of the Month ‘In the Kitchen’ feature.

“I am honest. I was not joking about anything either –on the menu today is egg and sausage. I don’t think I can spoil that,” Marlon said, while inviting his mother to be the sous chef.

His mother gathered most of the items – an egg from the refrigerator, chicken frankfurters from the freezer, salt and black pepper from the cupboard.

Marlon knew where everything was in the kitchen, but his mom was happy to assist.

“He can also fry plantain well,” she said boastfully.

“But you never get any when you go market,” Marlon responded.

As they moved around in the spotless kitchen, he explained that there is a ‘no shoes allowed inside’ rule that was implemented by his mom. He also said that his mother prefers to cook with a gas stove.

“There is an electric and a gas-powered stove, but no one uses the electric stove – to save energy – and my mother prefers cooking with the gas one,” he said.

He continued: “Dinner is not usually cooked here, only on Sundays, and we mostly have breakfast and a big lunch.”

As he continued to gather the items for the meal, Marlon told THE STAR that his daughter, D-Journa, and his son, Dmitri, do not eat a lot and will have egg and sausage for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he allowed it.

Once the items are on the counter, theInternet Talk artiste cracks the egg into a bowl, sprinkles a little salt and pepper then beats the egg lightly.

The frankfurters are cut in quarters and placed in a bit of oil in the small, pre-heated frying pan. Next up was the egg, which he made sure was fried to perfection. Within 15 minutes, breakfast was served.

He made every effort to place the breakfast items in the shape of a heart, with a side of white hard dough bread that he buttered with Chiffon margarine.

“No matter what I cook, the people them a go talk and criticise me, but I made sure not to burn anything,” he said.

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