STAR of the Month: Marlon Samuels uses social media to help ‘Icon Family’

February 20, 2019
Marlon Samuels

He may be seen as egotistical based on the lifestyle that is displayed online, but STAR of the Month Marlon Samuels wants it to be known that he never cared much for social media. Even now, although he is more active on the platforms, he said that his focus is on family and less about the hype.

The ‘Icon’, as he has dubbed himself, says he uses social media to connect with his fans whom have become like family.

“I created a family (on social media). If you notice, they’re called the ‘Icon Family’. I wasn’t a social media person, enuh, nobody knew anything about me. I was just this cricketer, who was famous outside the Caribbean. When I’m in Jamaica, I’m in my quiet zone as I said before, so I wasn’t interested in social media or making myself known. My space was invaded, and me say me a go take what’s coming,” he said, pointing to the brawl between him and Yanique Curvy Diva. He said that the incident gave him more online visibility.

More positive things

As any smart businessman would do, Samuels not only used the attention to launch his music career, but he also used the attention he was now getting on social media for good. He explained that rather than getting caught up in the drama alone, he wanted to use his social media presence for more positive things, and he has started using the platform to sift through persons who needed help.

He explained that with the increased attention, he is now getting more messages from persons asking for assistance. And with the help of a fireman best friend, he said that he has offered financial help to many of his online ‘family members’.

Samuels, who has more than 87,000 followers on Instagram, told THE STAR that he also receives messages on a daily basis from persons telling him how his videos and songs have helped them overcome rough patches in their lives. He also said that there have been many instances where persons have reached out to him because they just want a friend.

“Some people struggling, and this (social media) is how I find ways to contact dem. I give them money and stuff like that, but sometimes is not about money, and that’s why I say the page is powerful,” said Samuels, whose foundation assists visually-impaired persons.

“We making an impact in a lot of people’s lives. Sometimes a man just want yuh fi talk to him. A yute will message me and ask: ‘Icon, weh yuh think bout this’ or ‘Icon, gimme some advice on this’, and you responding mean the world to dem. People just want you to listen to dem more while, and me glad me can do that through social media.”

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