My Confession: I scammed a prostitute

April 05, 2019

STAR, mi have mi woman a mi yard, but mi is a man who love go round a Back Road. My girlfriend is a good woman, but she boring sometimes and mi like explore, and she not into that.

Mi mean say I have a lot of fetish and the likkle girl them on Port Henderson Road know how to satisfy my cravings.

One night mi go link mi regular ‘seller’ and she introduce me to a new girl and say she waan mi buss her. We reach in the hotel and clothes take off, and mi give her di pay and start work.

But within two minutes, mi belly staat growl so mi haffi run off and go bathroom. Mi a try do it quick and fast, but mi bottom start make a bag a noise and mi was in there for like 10 minutes because mi belly start run.

When mi finally finish, mi not even wash off, and run go say mi a continue. But by the time me reach out, the girl already have on her clothes.

So mi ask her what is the problem and she say, ‘ sir, you really expect we to continue after all a that, mi stomach sick bad’. Mi feel bad because she gone with all a mi money, so mi just give time and link her back again about a month later.

She never seem to recognise mi, so we go in the room again and mi do mi ting and mi nah tell no lie, mi mash har up wicked with sex.

When she finish, she left go bathe and mi just put mi plan into action. As soon as mi know she soap up, mi just go in her purse and take out my money, plus all that she worked for the night and cut.

Mi no go Back Road since though, cuz mi no waan she point me out to anyone.

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