My Confession: My boyfriend is nasty!

May 03, 2019

STAR, how do I tell my boyfriend that although I love him, my stomach gets really upset when I am around him because he smells really bad?

We met almost four years ago and the first time we went on a date, he was really nice and charming.

However, I did see a red flag when we were at the movies, as he kept using his fingers to clean the dirt from his fingernail. He didn’t even wash his hands, but just bit down on the hot dog and was trying to feed me, without any success.

I still didn’t say anything when he kept wearing the same pants to visit me, until the dirt marks were showing, or when he would spend the entire weekend at my home and refused to bathe.

After a few months, I decided to speak to him about it. He was very offended and asked me if I had ever smelt him yet!

He got up angrily and went to the bathroom and said he was going to shower. But I knew something was wrong when the shower kept running uninterrupted for a while.

When I peeked through the door, would you believe that the man wasn’t bathing?

He was sitting on the toilet picking his toes. I then watched as he put on a clean suit, washed his face and came out the bathroom.

When I confronted him about it, he got even angrier and told me that I was wicked and evil to tell such lies on him.

STAR, he is really a great man, especially as it relates to taking care of his responsibilities. But now we hardly ever have sexual intercourse.

He is now bathing like two to three times per week, but that is not enough as there are times when he smells so bad, and I know my friends smell him, too.

I had stopped visiting his apartment for a while because the place is a mess. His sheets are stiff with dirt, and let’s not talk about the pillowcases.

His entire dwelling is now filled with bedbugs, but he tells me that I am only seeing things.


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