Weekend Escape: The healing properties of Bubbling Spring

June 07, 2019
Visitors to the Bubbling Spring Mineral Bath in Middle Quarters, St Elizabeth, frolic in waters flowing from the spring. It is believed that the water has healing properties.
Bubbling Spring is said to have healing properties.

Nicknamed the ‘Healing Stream’ by many of its users, Bubbling Spring, which is situated in Middle Quarters, St Elizabeth, could be your ideal chill spot, especially for a weekend getaway.

The spring’s crystal-clear waters run from the Cockpit Mountain in Trelawny, under the hills, and comes up in Middle Quarters, then travels through the morass and into the Black River. The waters of Bubbling Spring are said to possess healing properties.

“Whether or not you have pain, you have to come to Bubbling Spring to feel a difference in your body,” Lincoln Fagan, the proprietor of the establishment, said.

He said that once persons visit the facility, they normally go home and tell their family and friends about the spot, and they, in turn, visit the facility.

“That’s how we get our guests here for the last 20 years,” Fagan said of Bubbling Spring, which is located in a community very famous for its spicy, juicy shrimps.

“This water never gets dirty, no matter how much it rains. It’s not a river; it’s a spring,” he said, while showing small bubbles in the bottom of the pool-like spring.

In addition to the minerals in the water, Fagan said many persons believe that the frequent use of the facility for religious purposes contribute to its healing qualities.

“Several churches in St Elizabeth and beyond have their baptisms here, and they are always praying and consecrating the water. So many people say the reason why this water helps is because of the churches,” Fagan told THE WEEKEND STAR.

In addition to the healing stream, Bubbling Spring has several other attractions. It has two water slides, one for beginners and a bigger one for more advanced swimmers.

There is also a net for water volleyball, pedal and paddle boats, and floaters for children. Life jackets are also available.

Visitors can also go for a go-cart drive or even play around at the pool table, table tennis or enjoy dominoes. Trampoline, swings and merry-go-round are also there for the young ones. Several gazebos are also on the property, and there is a restaurant and a bar, among other amenities.

The cost to enter Bubbling Spring is $800 for adults and $500 for children between two and 12 years old. Tourists are charged US$10 for children and $15 for adults. The venue can accommodate up to 700 people.



The Experience


Rating: 3/5


Best thing: The water is clean.


Location: Point, Middle Quarters. It is located along the route from Lacovia towards Black River.


Directions: One minute drive on your left, leaving Middle Quarters Square, heading towards Black River.


Essentials: Make sure to take your towel and swimsuit, and be prepared to have a great time.


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