STAR of the Month: ‘Benz fit me’ - Shauna Controlla happy to receive luxury vehicle

June 17, 2019
Shauna Controlla

Shauna Controlla is one of the most fortunate recording artistes in the game right now, and it shows. Courtesy of her manager and producer, Joe Bogdanovich, who is the principal of Downsound Records, the dancehall artiste has been cruising around town in a shiny Mercedes-Benz.

History shows that, the luxury brand is a hallmark for the label’s front-runners, as former Downsound Records artiste Ishawna was also gifted with a similar high-end vehicle.

“A nuh my girl deh own. Yuh nuh see seh a truck mi drive? A nuh nobody own. My manager wants his artiste to drive lavish and look good, and Benz fit me,” the STAR of the Month said.

Although Shauna is yet to perform on major shows or sell enough music to guarantee a quick return on investment, she is confident that her manager’s care and attention is warranted.

“The real talent weh me have, weh Jamaica don’t see, Joe see. Because mi actually can sing, and people don’t know that me can sing,” she said.

Shauna is now a staple at the studio, but she spent many years trying to get in.

“I’ve been around Downsound for a long time. There is history there that nobody knows. I used to give out CDs for them. I used to fish around studios, and that was the studio I used to fish around at,” she revealed.

At the time, she was still a teenager, and she was often chased away from the establishment. But perseverance led to the young girl being allowed to do promotions.

Now, with the keys of a Mercedes-Benz in her hand, the controversy-laden personality Shauna Controlla is ready to take on the life of a recording artiste, with the first stop at Reggae Sumfest in July.

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