Shauna Controlla says she got on Sumfest by merit

June 24, 2019
Shauna Controlla is one of five female artistes booked to perform at Sumfest this year.
Shauna Controlla is one of five female artistes booked to perform at Sumfest this year.
Joe Bogdanovich
Joe Bogdanovich

Controlla Boss artiste Shauna Controlla is adamant that she earned her space on the Sumfest stage, dismissing suggestions that she got there only because of her relationship with the festival's promoter, Joe Bogdanovich.

"People a guh say weh dem wah say. Me and Joe nuh deh inna no romantic relationship, but is a rich man and a young girl weh just do her body ... . Weh yuh think dem a guh think? Dem a go think say we deh," she said.

Shauna Controlla is one of five females booked for this year's festival that takes place in Montego Bay, St James, on July 19 and 20. The others are Jah9, Dovey Magnum, Etana and Spice. Discussions are currently under way to have Koffee join the line-up.

Shauna Controlla, in a recent interview with THE STAR, scoffed at suggestions that she only got on the show because of Bogdanovich.

"Of course, me deh pan Sumfest because a Joe. A fi him show, so nuh him a go make me deh pan it, daugh! A him book all a di people dem, and me get paid fi deh pan the show like everyone else. He saw the consistency, him see me a try. Me a ask fi help fi 'bout a year, a so patience pay off. Every day me deh deh (Downsound) a wait inna di sun hot fi dem fi look pan me.

"Mi always end up weh people can see me. Dem did always see me a try, Joe just say yuh know wat, we gonna work wid her. He had a meeting with Skatta and he agreed. He saw the consistency and that I actually had a voice and a different style from everybody else," she said.

Although Shauna Controlla isn't exactly a household name yet, the entertainer has her sights set on making it to the top. For now, though, she is happy with the direction her career is going.

"I'm in a place where I'm happy and that's why me a continue the trod. Me go thru all a weh me go thru for a cause, not an applause," she said.

"I think all a dem road shows deh weh me do help me prepare for this. Music is a journey. It takes a lot of work to get. I'm proud of where I am now and I can't wait to be prouder. Me can't wait fi make Josef Bogdanovich prouder."

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