My Confession: I had sex with a midget

August 09, 2019

STAR, I had sex with a midget and I can’t forgive myself. I felt like I was having sex with a doll. I couldn’t even let my friends know about it. So here is how everything started.

I am a bartender and the man is one of my regular customers. The other guys always tease him that the only vagina he ever saw was his mother’s own and that was during delivery.

He was so tiny that I had to lift him so he could sit on the bar stool. Anyway, one day, his brother who lives overseas sent him a little more than $100,000 and he came by and handed me a $5,000 note and told me that he wanted to see my ‘cat’.

I grabbed the money and soiled my panties so he could see. He told me he would give me another $2,000 if I let him touch it, and I did.

Yuh waah see him little fingers a try insert in and it took him a while, cuz he didn’t know where the entrance was.

That night him follow mi go a mi gate and the little man tell mi say him will give me $15,000 to have intercourse and mi nah tell no lie, mi say yes because mi know him wouldn’t stay long. Bwoy, STAR, mi did wrong. Him ting little bit bad. Mi feel like a Chucky doll deh on top a me because him start bawl out say a him own it now and all a try kiss mi.

It look like him watch nuff ‘blues’ because him all a try turn mi backway. Next ting mi know, him a demand say mi sit on him.

During that position him pop off. Mi collect the cash and tell him nuh tell anyone about it. But now, every day him hitch up a the bar acting like mi and him deh.

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