I got ‘special treatment’ in a bathroom

September 06, 2019

STAR, I have never been considered a very adventurous person, but one day, mi nuh know wha get inna me.

Mi and couple a mi bredren a chill a one spot when a sistren who dem cool wid go fahwud.

Truth is, she well cool and easy fi talk to so we ‘hit it off’ nice. Wi chat ‘bout whole heap a ting, including man and woman argument. But look yah nuh STAR, one a my bredren is a ‘set on’.

Mi nuh really remember how di argument reach oral sex, but next ting mi know, my bredren ask di lady fi gi mi ‘special attention’ inna di bathroom.

Mi laugh because mi think a joke him a mek. A mean, di likkle miss did pretty, and as mi say, mi did like har vibe. But all mi a pree say is that wi nuh know wi one anedda yet.

Well, likkle miss decide seh she a go ‘use di bathroom’ and get up from weh wi siddung. Innocent, me tink she really did haffi use the ladies room.

Massa, a mi bredren hail me and say ‘Alright gi har couple minute before yuh follow har’. A dat time mi realise say di only smaddy weh neva realise wha a gwaan was me!

Mi still neva fully believe, so mi screechy go roun di bathroom and sure enough, a likkle miss dat a wait pon me.

Nah tell nuh lie, me did shy bad, but she tell me seh ‘Everyting alright man’, and she did get down on her knees and ‘got to work’.

STAR, mi can’t compare har skills to any odda woman, because a di only time mi ever get it.

But man, mi feel like a king dah day deh. Mi an har exchange number and wi link every now and again. But wi nuh do nutten else, yet!

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