My Confession: I cheated on my boyfriend with a one-minute man

October 04, 2019

STAR, I cheated on my man for nothing. I had been messing around with this guy for a few months and couldn’t wait to get under the sheets with him.

We would talk on the phone for hours, and mi naah guh tell no lie, at a point in time, I even stopped having sex with my man so I would be extra tight and nice when it was time to give the side man.

The day finally came, and we went to the motel. I should have notice that something was wrong when the man put the television on CNN and started talking. Mi still never say anything and decide to make the first move, and me feel good when mi see seh him stand at attention same time.

STAR, the man roll me over, and before yuh could say anything, it was over. Mi make-up never move on mi face or anything, and him just get up go bathe and come back a say how mi ‘tired’ him out and him love the fact that mi can take all of his manhood because him babymother always say she can’t manage him.

Mi never say a next word except go bathe and go home to mi man. Just recently, mi see him send mi message a ask mi ‘if mi nah come fling mi sup’m pon him’.

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