My Confession: Embarrassed to be seen with my rich man

October 25, 2019

Mi say STAR, all mi life mi dream fi get a nice rich man because a dem type deh make me body get wet. Mi ‘glad bag’ buss when a friend link mi up with one a him linky dem. The man was the perfect gentleman, plus him live in United States. The first date we go pon, mi realise say when him a eat, the food a fly all over the place. Mi never too watch that cause him did promise fi carry me go farin the next time him come back, plus him did give me a nice likkle change after the date. Mi just did a hope nobody me know never see we.

Anyway, he returned home to the USA and, naturally, I boasted to my friends about my farin man. When he came back to Jamaica, I invited him to a dance that I was going with one of my female friends, and mi nah tell nuh lie, mi did feel good when him stock we table with top-shelf liquor. When the selector drop Popcaan’s Get Gyal Easy, the man put dung a piece a dancing. Him a flick up himself and gone up inna the video light and a gwaan the most way.

Mi fren start look pon mi inna shock, den she buss out a laugh and say him look like a hookworm. She all start video it fi show people. The way mi shame, mi disappear and take a taxi go home. Later that night, him ask why mi leave and mi tell him say him embarrass mi. Him tell mi say mi must delete him because him nuh like fool-fool gal. Him a call me fool when a him inna the dance and a jiggle up like when people a run dung ram goat fi dead yard.

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