My Confession: Boyfriend called the police because I refused sex

November 15, 2019

STAR, mi have a man who always feel like say him must have sex with me every chance him get.

The worst part is that him hardly could make mi climax and him love stay extra long, all when mi tell him say mi tired.

Mi meet a next little man and decide say mi a go run some pon him and mi nah tell nuh lie, it better mi did stay with mi boring man because the new one almost wreck mi body.

Mi vagina feel like it was on fire and swell up, so when mi reach home and mi original man want sex, mi tell him no.

STAR, him rip off mi clothes and mi really notice say him walk out the room and after several minutes, mi hear a banging on the door.

Mi hear smaddy say police, so mi tink a lie and open the door naked and when mi look, mi and two police man yeye make six.

Cut a long story short, the man call police, tell dem say we a fight but a when dem reach dem realise say a lie and him start confess.

“Mi is a man love my sex enuh, so mi have to rough her up a bit because she a act like she nuh wa leggo the ting, and mi know she like it. Officer, mi is a man who massage from the tit to the clit enuh. Mr officer, make she give mi tings nuh please, worse rain a fall,” he said.

Mi say mi shame like dog and by this time mi entire house wake up, and although mi put on back mi clothes, mi was the laughing stock for both the police and mi family dem.

The man all attempted to undress mi again in front a di officers dem. Him inna him underpants and ‘stand at attention’ the entire time.

Him wouldn’t calm down until the police dem threaten say dem a go lock him up. The way mi shame, mi end up go spend the night at my friend house.

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