My Confession: My man sleeps in my underwear

November 29, 2019

STAR, my man has the weirdest fetish; he likes to sleep in my panties at nights and it creeps the hell out of me.

Half a the panty dem inna mi draw stretch out because him a wear dem with im big self.

He says he sees nothng wrong with it because every now and again I wear his underpants, but that’s different, right? Here is how it started.

One night after we had sex, we were in a playful mood and we were role-playing a bit, so when he put on my underwear and began to mimick a girl, we both laughed.

But he never took it off. The next day him brethren come link him, him just drag on a pants a go outside, and him and the fren siddung a chat like dem tough and a bun weed.

Mi still never take it as nothing, but the next night mi notice him never sleep in him underpants as usual, but sleep inna him jeans.

But him pants slide down a bit and mi see one a mi panty dem whe have the bow a the back. Mi ask him a wah dat, and him get mad on mi and a say if a no inna him house him deh.

After that, every night him bathe, him come lie dung side a mi and cock up inna one a mi draws dem. He doesn’t even take them off when we are having sex, he just slides it to the side. When mi cuss him and say him gay, him box mi up, so I don’t know what to say. One day, mi go make the mistake and tell him say mi a go tell him friend dem, but him say if mi wah lose mi tongue, I must try it.

Mi know man move weird sometimes and mi a hope this is just a phase, but it really a make mi uncomfortable.

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