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October 01, 2015

Company seeks suitable auto mechanic

Bjorn Burke

Star Writer

The automotive mechanic profession is one which entrusts such an individual with the responsibility for a whole host of automotive repairs and maintenance necessary to keep motor vehicles of all kinds in tip-top running condition. Auto mechanics are typically tasked with inspection of automotive equipment in order to determine and take the necessary actions to correct any possible issues that may arise.

THE STAR, in its Jobs and Careers section, is again trying to connect employers with potential employees. After searching The Gleaner classifieds for job postings this week, our news team connected with a St Ann's Bay-based automotive mechanic employer, who wished to remain unnamed. The employer, however, spoke candidly and knowledgeably about the industry and sought to shed some light on what he believes would make a good job candidate in his field.

The classified advertisement posted by the entity offered job training opportunities for "auto mechanic apprentice" and "young men who are mechanically inclined and who like working with their hands". The automotive repairs establishment also offered to "train you while you earn $1,000 per day for six months at two days per week". Following the training, the establishment promises to certify incumbents and hire them full-time upon completion of the training exercise.

"What we offering is for a few young men, who are bright, intelligent, who have good manners, who want to get the opportunity of being taught automotive technology and mechanic work," the employer said.

"What we do with them is we give them $1,000 a day and each one would come in two days a week and they would be taught the principles of the service and repairs of certain aspects of the vehicle. After six months of training, we certify them in the aspect that they've been trained in. When they're hired by the company and they have a job, their salary is doubled after that and they work on a commission plus double salary."

The proprietor told THE STAR that the training initiative was born out of a hardship to find diligent persons, who are able to seamlessly integrate into the entity's operations. It was also touted as a way in which the company can slowly expand.

"The company has embarked on this because we find it very difficult to find young men to do our work how we so want it. Our work is high technology and they're not really trained up to standard, so we are trying to bridge the gap with young men who are coming out of school," he said.

"We have two locations. We're in Mandeville and that's where the training takes place. We have another branch opening in St Ann's Bay in which we will be taking applicants."

While it appears as though this particular entity's qualifications are fairly flexible, following traditional schooling up to the secondary level, auto-mechanics are urged to explore vocational training options such as that offered by the HEART Trust/NTA's Jamaican-German Automotive School (JAGAS). By building qualifications and becoming accredited in different aspects of vehicle maintenance, one's employment prospects in the area may be increased. An

in-depth understanding of the complexities of automotive technology, repairs and maintenance is very important.

Interested persons are

invited to contact the organisation at (876) 489-4074 or (876) 887-7504. Persons are required to possess a valid form of identification, even if it happens to be just a school ID.

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Contact (876) 384-0655 (876) 830-1629 for information.

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