Tattoo artist, body piercer wanted

October 22, 2015
Pernille Ferdinandsen receives a neck tattoo from Peter Madsen during the third Copenhagen Ink Festival which opened Thursday May 9, 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the biggest tattoo festival in Northern Europe.

Gone are the days when tattoos were considered to be a thing for criminals and undesirables.

It is now seen as a more acceptable form of self-expression adapted by persons from all walks of life. The idea of having a tattoo has long shaken the reputation of being synonymous with anything taboo.

If one opts to be a tattoo artist, he/she will be tasked with the job of designing and creating concepts and ideas to the liking of clients, while taking special care to ensure that the permanent artwork is safely and

properly applied to a person's skin.

THE STAR in its Jobs and Careers section has sought to make yet another match between employers and potential employees. After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job postings this week, our news team connected with a 21-year-old entrepreneur who is the proprietor of a new tattoo parlour located in Linstead, St Catherine. She told our news team that she is going full steam ahead with her new venture and wishes to fill two vacancies.

safe environment

The classified advertisement posted by the proprietor called for a tattoo artist and body piercer.

"In the area, there is not much like it, but I want people to see that it is a safe environment to come to. I want to make sure that it is the ideal place where you want to do a tattoo or a piercing," the proprietor began. "I was hoping to find someone that does both, but if I get them separately, I will work with them as well."

While one who is interested in becoming a tattoo artist does not need any formal training per say, he/she may find it of benefit to take courses that may help them to hone their craft in drawing and design so as to better produce quality works. A portfolio compilation of one's works may also prove beneficial to a tattoo artist looking for work. The proprietor is of the view that a person's work speaks for itself.

"Most people don't necessarily have certain certification, but I look for them to be on a certain level. If they are on that particular level, I am willing to work with them," she said. "I'm more

interested in their skill. They would have to be able to show me work they have done previously. One candidate actually brought in an actual person! Its mostly about the artistry and being able to use the machinery. I want to do original designs."

A good tattoo artist ought to be sensitive to the fact that their work will quite possibly live on with their client for the rest of their lives, taking care to provide the client with exactly what he needs in a clean and safe environment.

Interested persons are invited to contact the organisation at (876) 899-6440 or (876) 327-3553. REsumEs and portfolios may be emailed to

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