Working at the car wash!

October 29, 2015

Working at the car wash!

Working at the car wash, working at the car wash, yeah! The hit 1976 disco song performed by Rose Royce was certainly entertaining, but did not accurately portray the hard work involved in the operation of a car wash.

Any car wash attendant would know that the meticulous scrubbing, washing and the occasional waxing and polishing of any vehicle is no walk in the park.

THE STAR, in its Jobs and Careers section this week sought to match employers to those looking for jobs. After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job postings, our news team caught up with a 47-year-old proprietor of a Kingston-based car wash, who called for "men needed for car wash".

The proprietor, who spoke on a condition of anonymity, told THE STAR that it is not uncommon for her to seek suitable persons to fill the vacancies of car wash attendants, as the position appears to have a high employee turnover rate. Typically, several new employees are asked to leave after a few weeks of work after misconduct on the job.

"I'm always in need of workers. Most of the times, I have to send people home because of misconduct," she began. "So I'm short-staffed for the season coming up, and you know the Christmas season is the busy season."

The tasks of a car wash attendant may include, but are not limited to: the vacuuming of seats and carpets, the cleaning of consoles and dashboards, using tyre shine to give that refined look and the inclusion of a scheduled wax and polish.


According to the proprietor, her car wash attendants are paid on a commission basis.

"The more vehicles they wash, the more money they get," she said. "A person may get $150 per car, $200 per van and for buses, the prices are varied. It's not really a weekly paid work."

Unlike Royce's hit where everything is always 'cool' "and the boss don't mind sometimes if you act a fool", the car wash proprietor is adamant that candidates ought to have a strong work ethic. A person may need to possess certain innate qualities in order to be a successful car wash attendant. One who enjoys practical work and has an eye for detail will go far in the realm.

"They need to be very efficient," said the car wash operator. "They need to be willing to work. At a car wash, you cannot be lazy. Persons who can clean properly, they know they can claim that customer."

As far as qualifications go, the business operator stated that persons interested "must be able to read, especially the signs on the compound". Persons must be age 20 and upwards.

Interested persons may contact the business at (876) 426-8000, (876) 317-9433 or (876) 823-3926 for further information.

Vacancies for car wash attendants for the following posts for October 2015:

Local Car mart

n Looking for male and female car wash attendants. Persons can earn up $4,000 daily.

Contact (876) 465-0200 for further information.

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