Chill spot needs masseuses, bartenders

November 12, 2015

A sensual gem of an establishment nestled in St Ann's Bay proves to be a dream job for anyone who enjoys a low-stress form of employment.

The Network CafE on Marcus Garvey Way in St Ann's Bay is a social adult entertainment facility which sees patrons coming to enjoy massage services, have a drink at the bar or enjoy a private dance. The entity's management team is now tasked with finding a range of women of all shapes and sizes to fill the vacancies of "an unlimited amount of masseuses", four entertainers and two bartenders.

THE STAR has this week in its Jobs & Careers feature is making a match between employers and employees. After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job vacancies, our news team connected with the 33-year-old proprietor of the establishment.

"It's a social cafE. Individuals can come there to socialise and drink," he said. "It's a combination of a bar, a spa, lounge, and just a social cafE."

The businessman said his requirement for his potential employees is pretty simple: be personable. While he admits that a person who possesses any sort of qualifications in their interested field is desired, it is not of the utmost importance to him.

"Basically, the bartender needs to be someone who knows how to socialise and has great customer service," the proprietor explained. "In the field down here, there is no such thing as customer service. Entertainers need to be people who can relate to people and hold a conversation. They need to be able to dance - not strip dance - but just 'vibesy' kind of people."

Interested persons can

contact the organisation at (876) 385-6020. Persons must be age 18 and over.

"Basically, we give everybody a little trial - one week. We used to do work experience, but people find it hard to come to a place and not get paid. We put them on the payroll for a week and see if it works out," the business operator concluded.

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