Vacancies still available at car wash

November 19, 2015

Roughly a month after attempting to match an employer to a number of diligent car wash attendants, she still hasn't filled all her vacancies!

Apparently working at the car wash isn't as much of a hoot as the 1976 disco song suggests.

THE STAR, in its Jobs and Careers section this week, is again assisting persons to find jobs. A 47-year-old proprietor of a Kingston-based car wash has this time reached out to THE STAR following her initial interview pleading for more "men needed for car wash". The proprietor has again posted an ad in the Gleaner Classifieds hoping to increase her workforce as the Christmas season approaches.

The proprietor told THE STAR that while she was aware that the position of car wash attendant has quite a high employee turnover rate, she did not know filling the vacancies would be this hard.

several persons

"Most of the workers just come and work one day, and they just leave. When they come on a Monday, they might not get any work and they just don't come back," she said. "Some of them are just lazy, and some don't know how to clean cars!"

The business operator told our news team that several persons have noted that they were made aware of the vacancies following the October 29 publication calling for workers. Unfortunately, most who have turned up have since vanished, never to be seen at the establishment again.

"What happened is that it's a work where they have to work to pay themselves," the proprietor said. "Most of them think of it as a quick cash thing."

stickler for details

If you or someone you know is a stickler for details, and won't miss a spot when it comes to the vacuuming of seats and carpets, the cleaning of consoles and dashboards, and finishing off with a bit of tyre shine to give that refined look, then call (876) 426-8000, (876) 317-9433 or (876) 823-3926 for further information.

"I need at least about 10 of them," the business operator explained. "I'm having a customer appreciation day next month and I'm going to need a lot!"

Interested persons "must be able to read, especially the signs on the compound". Persons must also be 20 years and older.

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