Carpenters wanted

November 26, 2015

Attention all out of work carpenters; great news! There's an awesome opportunity to work for an expanding company.

THE STAR, in its Jobs and Careers section this week sought to match employers to those looking for jobs. After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job postings, our news team made contact with the operators of a Kingston-based furniture manufacturer. The entity's management is seeking "sanding man, spray man, furniture builder and advanced apprentice".

According to the employer, who preferred to remain unnamed, after a fire in which he lost most everything, he is going full steam ahead with rebuilding his furniture manufacturing business.

"I suffered a major fire in 2009, so I am trying to reorganise myself," he said. "The men that would have been with me would have gone. I have been trying to rebuild and get back to where I was. This is the season for furniture!"

business operator

According to the proprietor, those he finds most desirable in filling his vacancies possess years of experience and exemplify their fair share of initiative.

"I take the ones that have no experience now and then, but that would mean I would have to train them," the business operator explained. "I prefer the ones I don't have to train that come with experience. When I am not there, I want the persons to know how to get things done properly and to know how to do things."

As it relates to the skill level required for each vacancies, the proprietor said: "Sanding, most of the persons you get now, they should know how to sand by hand. For all of them once you can do it, you can do it."

In the initial stages, persons shortlisted for the job may be given a shot with a probationary period in which they will be able to prove their abilities.

"They come in and we give them two weeks to see what they can do," the business operator said. "When you come, we put you in front of a machine to cut the board and to sand it and to spray and thing. Based on that we can know exactly where we are. That goes for all of them"

Interested persons age 18 and upwards may contact the entity at (876) 796-2491 for further information.

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