Food proccesor wanted

February 04, 2016

If you possess an aptitude for technical activities, pay good attention to detail, have good hand-eye coordination, and enjoy practical work, then this job is for you. A small company requires a worthy food processor that is up to the task.

THE STAR, in its Jobs to Go feature, has yet again made an attempt to connect employers with potential employees. After searching The Gleaner classifieds for job postings this week, our news team connected with a proprietor from Soljah Callaloo, a Spanish Town, St Catherine-based food-processing entity, who wished to remain unnamed.

The employer, however, spoke candidly about the individual he believes would make a good candidate.

"We deal with not only callaloo, but vegetables, mainly. We process and package them," he said. "We deal with callaloo packaging most of all, and that entails washing, stripping, cutting, and bagging."

A food process worker is one who typically operates machinery that aids in the preparation of foods using varying methods. In this case, Soljah Callaloo, as its name suggests, requires a candidate who has experience in the field separating, washing, and the cutting of callaloo. The candidate needs to be able to not only examine and store the raw material, but also operate the company's processing equipment until the final stage of production.


The classified advertisement posted by the entity offered a job to an "experienced food processor worker needed for callaloo factory" and claimed "competitive pay" in "full time, permanent position".

"You have people out there who are experienced. I basically want people that have done it before, mainly those that have worked in the hotel or restaurant industry who have dealt with a certain volume of vegetables - someone who has dealt with food before." the employer said. "It has to be done a certain way when you have standards that you have to follow."

The proprietor told THE STAR that there aren't any set entry requirements to get into this line of work but did add that a candidate who already holds a food handler's permit would be a shoo-in.

"The food handler's permit is something you can get after because we are already registered and have a food handler's permit." he said. "That would just be a plus. At the end of the day, I am trying to eliminate the person who has to go on a trial experience because it's less work that I would have to do."

If you or someone you know is interested in filling the vacancy at Soljah Callaloo, you are invited to contact the organisation at (876) 898-1685.

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