Small business seeking skilled tailor

April 07, 2016

For many of us, we are accustomed to using the same tailor for years. It goes without saying that this may be so because he may really suit you. If you are a tailor, you may recognise the importance you may play in a client's life as you have a vested interest in making someone look good. Why not turn your innate passion into a fruitful career?

This week, THE STAR has again sought to make linkages between employers to employees in its Jobs to Go feature.

Following a search of The Gleaner Classifieds for job postings, our news team reached out to the owner of Tailored Concepts located in Ewarton, St Catherine.

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The classified advertisement posted by the small-scale garment-making company called for a "dressmaker or tailor who can make pants" to work at a garment factory.

"We are a small establishment," the owner explained. "As long as the person can do the job [I don't mind]."

The selected persons will also be able to create original ideas. A keen eye for details, measuring and size recommendations are some of the skills the person is expected to possess.

The owner of the establishment told THE STAR that he is hardly concerned with whether a potential candidate has completed high school or went to some sort of specialised school. He added that the ideal candidate should be able to read and write.

"First, a tailor have to can complete a pants," he said. "When you go to learn tailoring, the first thing you do is to make a pants. From that, you learn whatever you want to learn after that."

In addition to being skilled, the proprietor is seeking a personal and 'decent' candidate who has the ability to exemplify basic customer service.

"What really happen now, is that a person comes for an interview and a lot of persons just thinking about the money right away. They don't come expecting to put in some work," he said.

For enquiries, interested persons are invited to contact (876) 363-5571 to make further enquiries.

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