Bartenders Wanted

April 14, 2016

Are you a bartender and out of work? Cheer up, don't be whisky sour! Here is an opportunity for you.

A St Catherine-based establishment is currently on the lookout for two new bartenders to join their team in a vibrant work place.

THE STAR, this week in its Jobs & Careers feature is making a match between employers and employees. After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job vacancies, our news team connected with the proprietor of a Portmore bar who is now tasked with seeking new personnel.

"We have one [branch] in Portmore and one in Kingston," the proprietor began. "Well, we need somebody who has experience with the poker boxes, and [we would be] talking to their previous employer with details to how they performed last. But from they come, I can do my homework,"

The entity's management team is now tasked with finding an "attractive and experienced bartender from the Portmore area" needed to work at the "ViceRoyy Lounge opposite Caymanas Police Station". The potential candidate mist also "know about poker boxes", the ad said.

"I need somebody about 20 to around 40, and female," the operator of the business added.

The businessman said his requirements for any potential employees are far from stringent. Placing heavy emphasis on being able to operator a poker box, more formally known as a video poker machine, is of consequence. If it is that there is a successful candidate that should take up the job, they will be paid a salary to the tune of upwards of $8,000 according to the classifieds ad.

Interested persons can contact the organisation at (876) 409-5661.

More vacancies of a similar nature:

Applications are invited for the following posts for April 2016

n Moon Palace Sport Bar, St Ann

Attractive bartender

Contact (876) 384-0655 or (876) 830-1629 for further details.

n Spanish Town, St Catherine-based bar

Bartender - accommodation provided.

Contact (876) 315-0026 or (876) 539-0496 for more information.

n St Elizabeth-based bar

Bartender needed aged 18-30

Call (876) 818-2973 to apply.

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