'The rewards are worth the risks' - Businessman encourages people interested in entrepreneurship

April 14, 2016
Contributed Winston Barrett

'The rewards are worth the risks'

• Businessman encourages people interested in entrepreneurship

With over 20 years at the helm of his own company, Corporate Interiors International, Winston Barrett is certain his destiny had always been to become an entrepreneur.

"I was always somebody who wanted to be my own boss because I desired to be my own person so I took the leap and started the company with my wife," said Barrett.

In his role as managing director at the company that supplies modular office systems and free standing furniture to businesses, Barrett has been able to realise his dream of running his own company.

resort furniture

After two decades in the service industry, the company is now expanding to provide resort furniture.

"Resort furniture is a fast growing industry and our breaking into this aspect of the industry is how we will play our part in growing Jamaica's economy," said Barrett.

According to the holder of a Diploma in Marketing from College of Arts, Science and Technology, not Utech, finding new avenues to create employment is part of his company's strategy to help grow the Jamaican economy.

Corporate Interiors International have also ventured into the pool industry with the acquisition of the iGUi Pools & Spa franchise from a Brazilian company.

The fibre pools provided by iGUi, are the first of its kind in Jamaica with quick and easy installation of pools. iGUi Pools also supplies easy to install Hot Springs Spas

different industries

For Barrett, the pools represent the push by him to modernise the different industries he is involved with through his company.

The burden of taxes in Jamaica was given as the main issue that his business faces.

"The many taxes that business face is too much and that's why we (entrepreneurs) haven't been able to grow the country's economy because there is so much red tape," explained Barrett.

But the St Elizabeth native encourages persons interested in pursuing entrepreneurship to not be deterred by the obstacles.

"Every person should pursue their dreams, they should develop the skills and training their dream requires because the rewards are worth the risks," concluded Barrett.

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