Love for flowers leads to business venture

April 28, 2016
Contributed Florist Janice Essor-Skeen

According to famous poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The earth laughs in flowers." And for florist Janice Essor-Skeen, she chose this career path because of the beauty and happiness flowers bring.

While working as a receptionist with a flower company, she became really intrigued by the flowers and the creativity of the job.

"One day, somebody walked in and wanted an arrangement with a wedding. I tried my hands at it. They were happy and I realised I really liked it. I really liked working with my hands," she told THE STAR.

Today, Essor-Skeen is the proud owner of Floral Essence Jamaica, where she specialises in weddings, but also floral arrangements for other occasions. They are located in Llandilo, Savanna-la-Mar.

"Presently, we are the wedding provider and floral provider for weddings at Azul Sensatori in Negril," said Essor-Skeen.

She has also added her signature touch to hotels and resorts like Grand Palladium, Secrets, Moondance (Negril) and Tensing Pen (Negril).

Essor-Skeen told THE STAR that she has been in the business for 18 years and praises Tai Flora for the guidance.

She said, "They (Tai Flora) are one of the biggest floral provider in Jamaica. I worked with them for seven and a half years, where I got experience in doing big events. I am thankful for that experience."

THE STAR asked her if she would recommend anyone to become a florist and Essor-Skeen spoke highly of the field.

"I would [recommend it]. A lot of people may think it's insignificant, but it's really and truly fulfilling and rewarding (financially), plus the satisfaction of knowing you made someone special on their day when they say 'Oh my goodness you've made my dream'," she said.

She also told THE STAR about one of her recent experiences when she was contracted as the florist for NBC's journalist, Checkey Beckford, on April 2 to do her wedding at Tensing Pen.

"She was very pleased with what we did for her wedding," said Essor-Skeen.

While the field is a rewarding one, she said seasonal flowers also impact her business. Still, there are some months of the year when she is quite busy.

She said, "From October back to June, those are the best months. From all my experience, the summer is a bit slow, so I would say that's the slowest time of the year."

Floral Essence Jamaica can be found online at or via Facebook at Floral Essence.

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