Nail tech is always on her A game

May 19, 2016
Contributed Donya McFarlane
Contributed One of McFarlane's designs

Nail technicians are a dime a dozen, however, for Donya McFarlane, 33, staying on her A game and constantly researching new and dynamic styles and techniques rewards growth and loyalty among clients. Being a nail tech for more than nine years, she has honed her ability to wow clients with the finest

finishes, forcing them to

recommend others to her.

McFarlane said, "I used to work with Trimmings and Accessories, then I went to Jewel Brown (nail tech school) and did a six-week course there. I never worked with anybody before. I research stuff and so forth," she said, explaining her genesis into the field. "I placed ads in the newspaper, and that's how I built my clientele."

She admits that Jamaica is populated with nail techs, however, she is not deterred, her husband and deceased mother are her two motivators.

"My husband is a graphic designer, so he shows me a lot of things. I lost my mom to cancer, but she taught me well," she said, adding that her services are not limited and include manicures, pedicures, detox pedicures and designs.

Her shop is located at 331/2 Eastwood Park Road, and for her, punctuality is key.

"I am an early person, I reach work at 8 a.m. and leave sometimes at 4 a.m. I'm always busy, thanks be to God, I have some nice clients that I can depend on," McFarlane said.

Job comes

with conditions

She would encourage anybody to become a nail technician, but she says it comes with conditions.

"Its not about the money, you have to have the love for it, you cant get too relaxed, and you have to present a suitable environment for your clients," she shared. "When I travel, I don't go hunting for clothes, as many people would. I get excited and go crazy for polish. I ensure that I bring home the best, and they are not cheap."

Different nail salons come with different happenings, but for McFarlane, professionalism is maintained.

"We are uniformed, I don't want no flip flops in my place. People have to be comfortable, we have all sorts of teas and snacks. If they can't afford that, we have crackers," said McFarlane, who boasts that popular athlete Sherone Simpson and a host of other well-known personalities are among her clients.

Interested persons can view some of her work on her Instagram page @donyamarie22 or call 378-4919.

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