Motherly introduction to hairstylist career

June 09, 2016
File Lakayda Brown
File Lakayda Brown at work

Like mother, like daughter. That is how 27-year-old hairstylist Lakayda Brown became introduced to her career field which she now enjoys.

A history of hanging out at her mother's salon at a young age was Brown's earliest introduction to the likelihood that one day hairdressing would be her livelihood. Now having gone 10 years in the field, she remembers that her mother gave her the first start.

Brown told THE STAR: "When she saw that I had the love for it, she handed over some equipment, and I grew on that."


Not everyone will have the start like Brown, however, she told THE STAR that the career came with limitations, some of which she is glad to get past.

"When I just started, I used to have slow times, but right now I cant say that. I don't have hands to hold heads," she said.

She was the winner of the Jamaica National Top stylist competition in 2015.

Brown told THE STAR that she utilises the power of social media as well as other marketing strategies to build her client. Salons are aplenty in Jamaica, and when asked how she differentiates herself from others, Brown's response was clear. She said: "My creativity and techniques. I'm always coming with something new. Clients are amazed at some of the techniques and ask how is it that I come up with some ideas."

According to Brown has three styles now on the market that are high in demand. "The soft curl short wig (thin curl), Barbie knot and frontal weave," she told THE STAR.

When asked if she would encourage anyone to become a hairstylist, Brown told THE STAR yes.

"However, If they don't have the love and passion, I wouldn't recommend them because with love and passion, that is how creativity comes in, you always want to come up with something new," she said.

Brown offers birthday specials to clients who come in to do their hair on their special day. This includes a slice of cake, candlelight and a crown placed on their heads.

She is a budding entrepreneur, with a clothing and accesories section in her salon, called Chimere's Closet.

Instagram: @puddonplussweet

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