Careers: Eboney Matthews living her dream as a hairstylist

September 08, 2016

From a tender age, Eboney Matthews had to learn to comb her own hair as she did not have a mother around to do it for her. She was the only girl among her father's four children.

Little did she know, she was setting the foundation for her career as hairstylist.

"Not growing up with a mother, I never used to have the privilege of having my hair done so I always tried to do it by myself until I got perfect in it. It also made me happy to beautify other persons' hair," Mathews shared.

At age 11, the Maverley, St Andrew, native was already in high demand to comb other little girls' hair in her community.

Then at Pembroke Hall High School, classmates would bombard her for her services and reward her with a small fee, which she said came in very handy.

"I used the funds to take care of myself and buy stuff that I wanted, because my father had four of us, and he didn't really have the funds to do it all for me, so I had to push out at an early age to be independent," Matthews shared.

Immediately after graduating from high school, Matthews landed a job working as an assistant to an established hairstylist. There she continued to hone her craft and learned the principles of customer service and professionalism. It didn't take long for customers to start admiring her work.

"Customers started saying, 'You know you do this good. You actually better than the person you working for. Why don't you go out on your own?'"

Matthews said those words of encouragement coupled with the harsh realities of being a single mother at 19, gave her the drive to start her own business.

Today, the 25-year-old operates from her own station at 111A Molynes Road in Kingston, and does her business under the moniker, AmSoBlessed. She has been certified in multiple hair care courses from HEART Trust.

"I'm living my dream because I've always wanted this for myself, to become a professional that people talk about, and people want to know. I can't complain," she told THE STAR.

In the near future, Matthews plans to establish her own salon and salon school named Eboney's Hair Sanctuary.

For persons looking to enter the field, Matthews advises, " Don't come in it for the money. Come in it for the love , because once you love what you do, you will always get better results."

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