JOBS TO GO: Refrigeration technicians wanted

October 06, 2016
File Persons being trained air conditioning and refrigeration.

A Kingston-based company that operates islandwide is seeking air conditioning and refrigeration technicians, duct cleaners and repairmen, as well as cleaners of commercial kitchen equipment and exhaust systems.

The company, Cold Air Refrigeration, which is located in the Kingston 20 area, said it has unlimited positions for the jobs advertised.

"We have quite a number of jobs coming up, and we want to be amply staffed," Susan Gordon, CEO of Cold Air Refrigeration told THE STAR.

The jobs are available on a full-time or part-time basis. Refrigeration technicians, for example, are needed across the island to execute jobs on behalf of Cold Air Refrigeration.

In addition to getting a monthly salary, persons will benefit from health insurance coverage, which is paid for by the company. There is also a travelling allowance, as well as uniform.

When asked what soft skills persons seeking the jobs must possess, Gordon said honesty is essential.

"It is very important that these guys are honest. I should be able to trust you to go into a home to do a repair. I should be able to trust you to go into an organisation and effect repair without any of the client's property going missing," Gordon said.

"If you are honest and hardworking, if you are punctual ... then this would be the place for you," the CEO added.

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