Young designer a hit in New Haven

June 07, 2018
Jahmar Huire at work at his sewing machine.
Jahmar Huire showing off one of his creations.

A few years ago, Jahmar Huire quit his day job and decided to try his hand at fashion designing.

Today, he is one of the most sought-after designers in his New Haven community, making outfits for his family members and partygoers.

"This is really a God-given thing because me no have no formal training. I was always around people who sew so I develop a passion for it from then. Me catch on fast on it so me just decide to do it. I fell in love with the fabric itself, just the texture and the look," he said.

Huire currently operates his very own JH Wear brand.

The 27-year-old, who operates his business from his bedroom, said he is also the stylist for his family, all of whom, he said, sport the trendiest outfits.

"I make my own clothes and for my two kids as well, so that take off the financial burden of buying clothes off me," he said.

Huire told The STAR that his clientele continues to grow, based on referrals from others.

"When I get my customers, I post them on my social media page so that attract other persons. I party a lot and people always a wonder where I buy my clothes because dem look different. It nuh look like the regular tailored thing. My ting dem trendy and look good so just by wearing my clothes, I get customers," he said.

As the summer approaches, Huire said his hands are full as partygoers flock his house for summer outfits.

"It's a seasonal thing, so in summer and December when everybody a keep party, me nuh have hands to sew. Everybody a put in them order, and the way dancehall is nowadays yuh have to stand out, so fashion is everything," he said.

The young designer said he has plans of transferring his business from his home to a more commercial spot, but he is in the process of acquiring another sewing machine first.

He also has aims to get certified in the fashion field in the near future.

"It's not about me just sewing but I want to know about the business aspect of it also. I want to start school this September and get my brand out there the right way. In years to come, I want my brand to become international, and even have showings at Caribbean Fashionweek and so on," he said.

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