Zavia Walker balances teaching and fashion

July 12, 2018
Some of Walker's creations.
Teacher and designer Zavia Walker.
Zavia Walker (centre, background) with some of her students.


Uncertainty in deciding a career field weighed heavily on Zavia Walker before and after college. Ten years ago, she settled on teaching which she loves.

But she has also become a business woman and designer, creating her self-titled fashion line.

She said: "I started (teaching) in 2008 and I currently teach English Language and communication studies. At one point I wanted to become a chef, a model, a lawyer, but because of my love for English and literature I leaned towards teaching."

Walker said it was not until November 2014 that she became a student again in order to become a budding entrepreneur.

She said: "I always loved fashion and designing. I started watching YouTube videos and learnt how to make sandals, earrings, and necklaces."

Walker experiences challenges trying to balance teaching and designing, as she tries to maintain her excellence in passes and grow her brand.

Walker said: "Sometimes it's hard because you get tired and have a full work day at school. The passion that I have motivates me to put in the extra work in the evenings and on weekends. The feedback from customers is also my drive."

She remains in the classroom because she loves to see her students excel.

"Every year since being at Camperdown High, when the results come out, I always get over 90 per cent passes in communication studies. It's a joy; it comes with this feel good spirit. I enjoy teaching and would never give up on a student," Walker said.

There are times when being an educator and designer goes hand in hand.

Walker said: "I have sold my merchandise to students and teachers. I always have talks with my students to find out their skill set and what they love. I always encourage them to have a plan B in case education doesn't work."

Walker encourages the public to support her Jamaican brand which she hopes to one day develop on the world stage.

She said, "My goal is to have my designs in stores like Payless and any of those stores. I see myself wanting to become as big as Gucci and Chanel."

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